So many people want a better life, but why so many people are failing to live a better life?

The human being by nature is the highest and most developed creature as far as we know up today. We all have dreams, goals, imagination of how our future will look like if someone asks us. If all of us know what we want in life, why most of us still struggle with wealth, health and relationship.

Most people live an unfulfilled life, go to work they hate, take low -paid job thinking that is all that is available for them. Well, this category of people doesn’t think they deserve more and they are not aware that they can get more. And many others are satisfied and think they have a good life by just having a job to go to. And for this category, the potential of growth is zero because these individuals don’t want more out of life therefore no growth takes place.

But the majority of people are unhappy whether itis du to work situation, love life or health issue. In this group, even though most of them want to change their life situation, they remain where they are and the dream never leaves the head and it will always be a dream.

And the last category is the little percentage, 3% who are not happy with where they are and actually put the effort, work and sweat to get the job they dream of, to build the business they are passionate about, to create that future they have imagined in their head. why this little group of people are successful, well this group of people are willing to get out of their comfort zone, take the risk and work until they get the result, Les Brown put it just right when he said: “ Itis not over until I win”.

For those who are happy and satisfied, congratulations, you are happy with your life and no change will take place. For those who think they can’t get a better life or they don’t deserve it, the reality will reflect their belief, they will remain in their unfulfilled job, relationship or health issue, and that is the sad truth for these people, that will be their reality until they learn to feel and believe and start to move into the positive direction.

So, which category is you, how does the conversation within you go? are you winning the conversation or the winner is the voice in your mind? Are you satisfied with your love, financial and health life? Does that inner voice telling you ” I can’t get a better job, I can’t have a better life” Or you master the conversation, not fear to break that comfort zone, ready to enter the unknown, ready to discover what you have inside you, ready to find out what is within you, the power of you, the power of the force of the universe to lead you, to guide you towards a destiny full of joy, accomplishment and success.

If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.” – Jim Rohn

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