“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it you will land among the stars.”—Les Brown

Who Is Jwan Delawi

I am Jwan Delawi, coming from the Middle East. When I was 19 years I moved to a beautiful country called Sweden and have lived here for many years now.

Since I was a little girl I had big dreams, I was happy but never satisfied, wanted more, worked to get more out of life. My dreams have become reality peace by peace.

As life went on, I had my job as an IT-technician, was at the time pretty happy with my life. I got gifted with a baby girl and life changed. As a single mom, I wanted to have more time with my child, I didn't want to spend all my time at work away from my loved one. My job was not anymore giving me the joy it used to give me. I started looking around my mind was on fire, eager to find a solution. The universe always gives you the answers you are seeking, just look within. Ask and you shall receive the answer! So I did and I got the answer.

As the expansion of the digital world is just increasing each day, it caught my mind, that I should become a part of it. So I came across an advertisement explaining which path the whole economy is taking and that is the digital economy and online business is the future job.

In these Corona times and closed dorrs everywhere, itis hard to believe that someone leaves his or her job, but that is exactly what I have done, I have quit my job and feel great to meet a future envisioned by me, created by me and taking shape in physical form any day.

My mission here is to help and inspire you, to join me in my journey, make your and my journey one, follow, support and encourage and celebrate our success. And let the success make noise and shout out, Yes we made it, live the life we have designed for us.

I have stretched my hands if you are willing to take my helping hands, click the link below and join, you have nothing to loose but everything to win.


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